Tuesday, June 27, 2006
26 JUne 2006
It was a monday which my class start at 8am so i got to wake up at 630 to perpare lol . hai~ Wake up so earily tired man haha......As usual i do all those regular thing but sad is my hair too long cant be style lol sad man.....:'(
My Hair look suck for that day man
Hai our days pass as normal BFD then OFA the lunch .....
At OFA i found out that miss ng had file a complain to mrs lee lol abt mi on thursday nv turn up for her lesson n go slacking....!!!!!(i was not there for the whole day wtf chee bye la she any how onli lol )
After knowing that i felt veri angry so i was very unhappy for that day.......................................
Then something happen making mi more piss off lol ....
27JUnE 2006-30JUne 2006
Nutting must really happen for this few days accept that we when to play pool twice as in for 1st time mi , thomas , angeline , Alvin and Jessica onli then second time is mi thomas jessica thomas anelina alvin jessica serene zhi xiang jinbao ......more ppl nia la haha pool in sch so cheap wo haha .....Last night i when to work lol cause cindy say down crew then hor i hope that last night wat ever i told her she will rememeber hehe as i n a o lvl student lei haha.........
I veri busi le so will not update blog damd often as i going chiong on working for the whole 3 weeks hehe nid money ma haha ..........
Today i going fro ice skating lol so happi haha can go play le wahahah with zhen hung n yin lol dunnoe go x tra ppl going ma haha.......

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Monday, June 26, 2006
24JUNE 2006

It was a day where archey was cancel AGAIN hai sian lol i wanted to shoot arrow but cancel nvm la ...Worst thing is that may be got to wake after hoilday then got archey ba haha i think lol ...LILIA you are so lucky lol cause u naven even gone for achery yet haha...
On that day i was working from 8am to 3pm + haha ..Hw i wish i could slp more cause veri tired ma. Anyway i when to work la n i was just on time haha just nice hehe as usual i work at counter from as i m the damd old crew=MORE ecpericence..
After work i go buy bet on draw bust lost sian lol then i when home to rest n slp as i still have to work in SUnday ...
Wat a boring saturday for mi rite????
25 JUNE 2006
Hai same thing again this time i work 7 am as i c is hema working so i k k late lol cause is she ma as she a veri bad example manager to mi lol..Anyway that days was like a Youngster rule days haha as all we c r youngster ...
Only 2 aunty n 1 uncle working lol so i was my first time to perform as a PC i was quite happi sia working for 3 years+ first time as PC for breakfast haha.........
Then after my break , i do MDs then ltr i did another postion which i first time do is Counter IC wa i so happi sia finally like i got rank at MAC haha....
Anyway quite sad lol cause i can go partyworld sing cause i when home late hai sad man so got to stay at home slack lol till night then i felt like doing homework lol then hor dunnoe y i just start to do i fall asleep........zzZZzzZZzzZZZzzzzSweet dream man.....

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hai let mi continue form my last blog bah haha. Life when on smoothly for mi !!!

On 22 June 2006 i went to wild wild wet with my working frenz hahah damd fun lol haha as we realli play a lot n best part is no sun burn.haha.........

This is all those fren who go to wild wild wet with mi as ALL of use here DUN pay to entre as it FREE haha so shiok rite haha......

Any way we we play a lot of slide even the veri big float tt slide we also play a few times ...Onli that samsung i onli wanted to play once as i got to face front to go down as it is damd scary lol hahahaha.............

This is another group pic we took at there

Fun Can onli be last for a day n that on 22 JUNE 2006 We Rock man hahaha....

On 23 june 2006

It was a rainning day as i reach tampines then i noe lol btw haha i also get to collect my winning bet from js haha as i won the money from a score match....Hmm as i reach there , i was the first 1 man haha as usual lol then follow by angeline then ash ...After that i found out tt jess n serene not coming lol then i begin to felt not going lol so i decided to let fate choose for mi so i toss the coins for my fate but in the end we when as it fated lol . hai~Then we when took bus we saw ah beng then we go school together lol haha ..His jacket so style lol i like tt. hehe

>>>this jacket style rite!!!!!!

Erm song beng dun angry hor take ur pic without asking u ...U must b happi i helping to promote u to my fren hehe.........

BTW we when to BFD and guess wat !!!!!!
Our CLass less than 15 ppl so "per ta tick" LOL anyway i c that Mr Cheo change le lol nv get angry le haha may b nv chiong korean movie anymore le ba tt y good mood le haha....
After his lesson was a free period so we went to cafe 1 to eat then after tt wan play pool but full lol so sway then hor we went to library outside slack lol ..We combine the chair then wanting to slp lol haha as some watching Gana Vs dun noe match la haha .......When i was abt to slp dunnoe which farking idoit some scold scold cause we combine the chair lol.....
After rotting there 4 2hours we when for our AFD Quiz lol hai too easy for mi le as must thank to miss chua and mdm Rap ..Dun have them then your will not see this kai ming le hehe....
After the AFD we when to cafe 1 eat again n slack then go for test lol ....

In the test i screw up man lol as i save wrong thing n also my printing come out not wat i wan sia sian lol ...Hope i can get at least a B man if not i wan jump down from simei ite building le ....
After the test we go cafe 2 slack then walk to the same old damd bus stop lol..On that day we discover that the drain have a lot of "Ke Doe" then angeline wanted to keep as pet so thomas go down the drain that for her (soo lovely lol....If you have say u wanted it too i will catch for u too)
Any way we head to Tampine interchange then i rush to 969 as i m in rush to meet Jw , Leo and Zl lol cause wan play pool...Through out the journy , i slp in the bus lol until i dun wan wake up as i so tired lol .....I meet Zl n Jw at 7.45pm as we suppose to meet at 7pm but thet push back the timing to 7.30pm but still they late lol...everytime like tt 1 dunnoe when will stop...
We when to AMK play pool till as we started playing pool was like 9 pm as we r waiting for the KING leonard lol who is damd late man.....We play until 10+ like that then go eat at S11 the go play lan lol.....Your can imgaine that i go play dota when i dun really like....
Nw i seem to be attracted to dota man haha i might consider to go play dota le wahaha...Until abt 1AM then i reach home lol as i damd tired le haha asi m working at 8am hai as no archey on saturday weeeee.....................

TO be continuessssss I m lazy can bo hahahaha

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Monday 21 Wednesday

Hai wat a day hai actually i have plan to go play game with candy on tt day but happen to have nafa sia sian lol sure fail de cause my 2.4km run nv pass in secondary school time
Hai anyway i did when 4 2.4km run it was tiring cause long time nc exercise le .After the 2.4km run , i was like dying lol cause i felt damd giddy ..That time was a hard time 4 mi as i long time nv excercise le any way i kana blister after tt lol ...We head to cafe 1 to slack till 7 + then go home le haha wat a shop n peacful day us ........To be continue as nw i tired

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
If you were not to go to school on one day n so sway that that day was a role play Dry Try day , Will you tell your group fren Or will you not tell them????????
If you were to tell them , they scolded you , would you rather not to tell them or not?????
Hope that you can think before your speak cause if i were not to tell your , isn't a waste of planning a role 4 mi ??????????

Today was a normal day as i did not meet them for breakfast .Today i left my house so call the early as i when to the bus stop , i waited for abt 20min n it was damd long 4 mi lol cause i do not have the patient to wait. But anyway the just still arrive la as i reach tampines it was raining lol hai~~
Anyway we went in to class late (as usual) and suprisingly it was a mock exam lol ok la i think can pass but i want a A badly man haha~~
After that we had BFD n we use the time for role play disscussion lol then some porb lol which i dont wish to say as i felt so sad abt tt lol cause nw i get to c some true colour........
Then after that have AFD then test again lol 1 day got 2 test~~
Then after AFD i went to cafe 2 then after chating with kai yong gary and choon cheong we went to bus stop n i meet Yita n ayu then we board bus we say miss tomato n her gang + xing yu n shu xian n other concern sitting....We had fun in there as i keep disturb zi kuang lol(i so bad sia haha) keep making her laugh as her face surly turn red....After alighting the bus i went off with shu xian n xin yu n we had a great talk haha as we really talk a lot haha......
And my days end here by going home

Why is it that my class teacher love to pms one hai~hai
First is mr cheo then mrs lee then miss ng
Hai~Hai~Hai when will they dont PMS

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Hai so busi sai ...My life is full of prob for mi hai.....Yesterday , i went to my school to take a swim n guess wat i was the main attraction lol all wan c my in swimming trunk lol so pai sei sia lol ...
But in the end i change la but veri fun cause i long time nv swim le then after swimmingg i n my fren all go to simei there to eat the slack la .After slacking mi angline thomas jessica n ash waited the bus 38 n it was fucking long lol ..We waited 4 1hour which i did not realisa sia.....Then decides to take train lol n i was rushing 4 my teakawondo lol ..By the time i reach there it was 8.15pm e then some more nid wait to bow to him(my master) then can join in the squad ..By the time ibow to him , it was break time ......Then after Break , do some patteren then go home........................ SO LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nw i wish to talk abt my past n present..........

In the past :
-Watch 1 or 2 movie a year
-No ATM or Credit card
-Woke up at 645am to go school
-Hated most of my class fren
-Dont go out often with my class fren
-Love maple a lot
-Cant withdrew my working money as i like
-Dun wear cap
-Dun scold XXXXXX
-Nv go any overnight party or anything
-Dun wear contect lens
-More saving in pocket moneys

Currently NOW:
-Watch 7 movie so far
-No saving at the moment
-Got 2 atm cards n a visa haha
-Wear cap every friday
-Bought contect len cause wear spect veri ma fan
-Have to wake up 2hours before my lesson start
-Get to spent my working money nw
-Starting to like blogging


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Monday, June 19, 2006
Wa Piangzzz
I a few days nv blog nia ma haha lilia not i lazy lol cause too busi le

Thursday we go watch movie the slient hill which i love the last part of the show. Till abt 12 then i reach home wo hw to blog
Then hor Friday after school we go slack remember !!!i reach home at abt 7 + then after tt i meet my fren Jia wei go out eat them go safar play my fav game till 10+ then reach home the i slp cause sat working.
On saturday i working till abt 5 or 6 + like tt ma then accompany my dad go out check phone thing lol. Then hor tt night my sis occpy my com sian lol cant use ma "__"llll
Then sunday i also working from 1 to 9 like then nw i got time blogging le hahahah happy le bo haha...I nx time ofa then do blogging ba cause too boring till nutting better to do ..

(((((((((((((((Cant wait to go school tomorrow as i going to swim in school haha))))))))))))))))))))

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Look like everytime goes back ro normal le as i shall not add any more thing in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sorri abt yesterday on my blog as i noe it had hurt a ppl feeling.....
Ps la i too angry lol abt u noe ...
I use blog here to SAy sOrRi MiSs TaY sIeW lInG lIlIa!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Today was a bad day for mi........................................
Before reaching school already a unhappy day as today i reach Tampines interchange , i tried sms those group of ppls on their location but no reply from them so i left to school with ade , cholett , messi and xin yu lol...In the bus , it was so noisy so i did not notice my phone so much till suddenly took up n saw 4 miss call from jess...She call again n this time i pick up .. She told mi they being waiting 4 mi lol n speacking in a veri tu lan tone lol so i say i in bus le wat to do. Sms ur also nv reply mi ma then hor she tu lan lol as wat i expected lol and adding a word say i ps lol ...So i felt also unhappi la so nvm lol i reach school waited 4 them at the bus stop for abt 25 min then they reach(they did not expect mi to wait 1 but i thinl fren ma) ..........
When they reach the school bus stop , they saw mi n some of their face was like .... lol c mi like wat sia lol i felt disappointed with them but soon we head to class....My temper wat also not good for all lesson as i onli try do work n so on to control my temper nia lol. After AFD , i was quite furstrated with them as they keep slacking at locker lol...(i m the last to leave AFD class yet ur still can slack so long) even after i finish my small biz , they still slacking lol so i decided to take the 1st move to leave with jin bao n alvin lol . As i not just walk off they will follow lol....
Then when we at the life there they decided on where to eat lol as firstly my intention was to eat at cafe 1 but no respond to i ask go cafe 2 .. then they decided to go TM eat as i dun wan so i ask jin bao wan go eat at cafe bo then we walk to cafe 2 lol then hor when reach there , ash who at the front as go where eat..I just take the first move of going to Cafe 2 eat as ur all are so indecidsive ma. So i walk in there to find a sit for all then they say wan go eat cafe 1 !!!!!!!!!!!
I was damd TU LAN le lol i ask ur dun wan relply lol then expect mi b ur dog to listin to wat ur say?????????????Fine i nw was decided on my own life lol and tt time i was very very very very dissapointed with jin bao lol i thought he would stand at my side but he decided to be in middle.
So i just get my food n walk to the back to eat as thomas was giving mi a tu lan face(i dun give a fuck on anything le as tt wat ur force mi to be)
That time lilia accompanying mi as i told her go ahead with them dun because of mi follow mi lol as tt time i onli wish that ppl whu noe wat happen be with mi but sadly onli 1 ppl noe ba but he not there....Not long after ash left lilia , they call her n guess WAT they going to TM eat LOL ...
This is wat i mean by indecidsive lol.....................Then when i left school at abt 4.40 pm , i saw a bus 31 coming but the min i saw them on bus , i just stop walking lol as i think at that time i dun wish to see them as they all dissapointed mi a lot ...........
I have granted your wish le to make spilting up act as i have make then first move......... Althought i felt hurt doing this but it my limit le.......
I cant stand all your act le might as well ur go to MediaCRop to act lol ... Say until so tok gong then act like KNS lol......I HATE THAT ............
Plz Stop making my "ture self" coming out as i dun wish to active it anymore.............................

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hai i m so sad and depressc this few days............
I m holding back all my unhappiness n also my tear ..........................................................................
I wish that i realli got a fren that can lent mi his ear n heart to here abt my sadness..............
I realli cannot take it le as i will blast soon ............

HOpe that i could cry out all my sadness as i wish not to :'(

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Monday, June 12, 2006
Hai today so sleepy may b past few days cant have a good rest ba sian.....Last night b4 i gone to bed , i had sms jin bao , alvin , jessica and serene to ask them to watch the movie call slither but onli jin bao n serene reply to mi n for tt jessica she reply very late lol so slow........
The reason 4 mi to onli ask them as i think that they are the onli 1 that will not drag time n also will not b veri pushy 1 lol...........
Today i was super early lol cause i wake up at 620 am haha cause late night LAZY to bath ma hehe lol..............Then this morning i go bath then hor style my HAIR sian lol nw so long dunnoe wat to style le then in the end style chicken hair hahah look ugly nw lol :'(........
When reach tampines interchange , i was first follo by thomas the jessica then angeline then serene ......those not mention meaning not in school or late lol.........................................
Then sudden when reach jessica talk abt the movie thing then hor they heard lol cause she talk openly ma then again as normal they will try to brain wash them lol say go watch CAR arr or wat ever la ...Mi tu lan lol nv ask them to go watch so many comment (u go n think y i do that lol cause when ur damd steady 1 lol ???????????????????....I ask since long time le)
Then we when to school i told all to jin bao lol cause meet him 4 that mi haha then he told mi that alvin also agree to go haha

OK la i continues when i free nw nid go do OFA work haha ltr mrs dion lee angry

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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Hai today first day go archery saturday training lol ...SO happi la cause i get to shoot today but sad think is lilia nv present cause she love to slp la. hai nvm let talk abt mi hahahaha so bhb.........
Today first time shoot the arrows, then hor kana my hand SO PAIN sia nw got blue black le... So sian tomolo nid to go work lol SIAN la wish i can dun go lol hai anyway today quite happi la cause get to know 3 new fren from outside QC 1 hahaha.......First day noe onli we go eat ar play ar n also slack lol hahaha like noe 4 many months like tt hahaa...
SO tired lol cause today i 10+ then reach home after a long walk with my cousin lol haha nw wan slp le .........................................................................................................................................................

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Friday, June 09, 2006
Hai today in BFD i think i too straight forward le lar hai ...Whu cares haha as i dun give a damd lol may be not soo happy ba..Today was qutie a fun day ba as i not veri moody lol haha jux tt in ofa i cut my hand again...
After ofa, had AFD test so happi i first to finish but hor i think twice of something might b wrong cause i wan SCORE FULL MARK hahaha ( cant let MDM RAP DOWN) After the test we all go cafe 2 have lunch then we had our lunch then chit chat lol .After tt , mi jessica lilia ash choon chong n sue sue we went to TM ---->Centry square----->TM.............
We went to TM first cause Jess nid a toliet BADLY then we go centry square cause lilia wan buy a poka dot dresssssss.. It look nice on her (truly from the bottom of my heart)..Then we head back to TM cause jess wan go c F women dress lol then after she tried so many dresses, we when to 77 th as they plan to buy some neckless lol..... At 4.10pm i PS them LOL quite unwilling to leave but no choice cause meeting that OZL , TJW and CWS so play pool .....I went to take bus 969 As i m so lucky cause not a lot ppl lol n also i get a SIT hahaa as i slept all the way to yishun then i change bus to 853 go Ang Mo Kio play pool. I Sms them for location as that Jia wei say he at zhen ling house ( i was thinking WTH i reach le ustill at his house)...I decided to play the games there as at first i spent $2.10 for the card for 5 credit lol then i finish using all at abt 5.45pm then i sms again n guess wat he reply mi on the way lol.
So i decided go out buy food eat cause hungry ma so i go buy a chicken burger eat..Cost mi $2 lol nvm then hor i saw wei shen walk pass then i ask him y u solo sia , he reply kana tua bah haha as he also heard them say meet 5 PM lol ..then i n wei shen we sit down i eat burger he eat curry puff lol then u bet on wat time they reach . I bet b4 6.15 pm then he is after ( we were so bore so do lame thing haha) ...IN the end i won But no prizes haha ....then they cant say go eat dinner.........i was wtf i jux ate nvm lol i jux go eat anyway still hungry la.....................I bought a bee hoon , chicken wing , egg and a xiang chang COST MI $3.20(so expensive lol) after eating we go drink bubble tea n i get a blueberry snow shake. That time i think i siao siao le cause i keep saying snow " Flake" .....dunooe y la...We took our time cause we waiting 4 that chin wah so late lol he 8+ then reach ...Then we get to start play pool..Before he came, i when to play game and spent $3.60 .......So sad cause cause i spent so much money. then we star play pool at first so sian lol i so lousy at play cause long time nv play then they keep winning like nobody business..........Finally in one round we won then get to reshuffle the team as i nw noe that if i wan to play well in POOL i got to be veri veri veri serious lol as Jia wei keep saying my face like ah beng when i hitting the ball ( that was when i got 3 combo) haha pro bo ....I also nid to train on pool as jess say giving mi 2 months times to win her then she treat mi meal haha........
After pool , we head back to yishun then go walk walk then go home lol........

I wonder hw m i suppose to be in school any1 can tell mi ?????????????????????
I do not noe wat kinda personal should i be as nw the kai ming u c is not who i m as is just a replacement onli .....PLEASE some1 tell mi hw must i b or hw to b my normal self or wat la.................................................................................

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Abt my anger today
Today as usual , i wrote a blog in my OFA lesson abt my bad morning then hor after blogging, we went to have our lunch at campus heaven. Mi lilia and choon chong when to CSC there ask 4 a inhaler but they dunnoe y dun have ba . That time i was think of going out buy 4 lilia cause i scared her asthma might attack . We head to campus heaven as gary , kai yong , alvin and jin bao waiting 4 us there. When we reach there , there was a lot of ppl so sian . Then i go line up to order my food then lucky , fatin was around as she at the front queue. So lucky cause we cut queue haha no 1 noes ba haha even they noe, they also diam diam...
After the food , we head to AFD room at 5th lvl so we go by stair. Cause we nid take book at 3rd lvl ma so go by stair best.When we reach the class , everytime looks normal when suddenly lilia asthma attack. Miss Ng was damd shock as she dunnoe wat to do n hw to handle as she had nv attemp it b4. She was then sent down to sickbay then kal , jin bao , kai yong , gary and miss ng all bring lilia down n ..........................................................................After AFD lesson is BFD. Mr cheo was not here so happi lol hahaha then hor i dunnoe y sooo moody so i took my rusty pen knife and cut my hand . I cut 7 letters on my right hand as i was so bore and moody as tt DR thomas koh teaching BFD
After all lesson , we all went to the bus same bus stop to take bus as tt time got mi jin bao , alvin , sue , lilia , shi qi , shi qi 'BF , johnson and elieen .We took bus 38 cause as wat they say got sit (wat a crap) so we head to the bus stop then there where prob come. They told mi that Ash is meeting us then hor when we reach the bus interchange , we c no 1 so alvin call up jessica to ask. Then dunnoe y they pass mi the phone
so jessica told mi the " ash say he meeting lilia alone"
I reply "Huh wat u mean meeting lilia alone ???cant b ma cause she sick we cant pang sei her"
Then i told to lilia wat i heard then suddenly her FACE change BLACK to mi i was shock!!! Out of a blue moon she give mi black face ...NVM lol then they call ash and thing happen lol . Lilia dunnoe wat happen la quite unhappi lol n spoke to ash a while then left . Leaving mi ash alvin and jin bao. That time we interview ash on why did he say he meeting lilia alone????Cant b ma cause we been with her at outside the school CSC to interchange lol. ASH told us that lilia told her no long ago. So the confusion toke place le , so we just head to TM mcdonald to wait fot jessica , serene , thomas and angeline. Before they came , mi ash, jin bao and alvin we had talk after ash left we came in to a serious that was when i felt more angry as i m like a fool being a punching bag or wat lol cause we discover some unsolveable qns and some other prob.That time my moob was not very good cause we waited for the 4 joker for quite a long time as i did call up to them asking 4 there location at 5.30pm . That time they reply on the way to take bus as before that alvin also call them . Then in the middle , johnson came in join us then later , sue came to and the two gals when to do their GIRLS STUFF.When sue came , alvin n jin bao went to buy there food as they too hungry to wait 4 them .

Every min passes as my temper rises n my body getting hotter . Finally at abt 6pm , they arrived at the mcdonald . I was not realli veri happy abt them so late lol but anyway , i was feeling damd hot . Then angeline sit beside johnson then he suddenly sat beside got ppl sit then angeline get furstrated abt it then left the place and thomas went after her . (we all noe johnson is jk onli ma but not to blame her cause may be she dun like ppl say tt ba). Then after tt , i forget wat happen la , serene told mi wan go home go lol . That time i was indeed gonna explode le but i nv . I was think at that time go leave but i nv i dunnoe y but ltr i think of going to off together with jin bao n alvin as they finish their food but i dunnoe y something struck to my mind when i saw sue. I remember that she got to b at home by 7pm so i as her to go off with mi and the onli think i remember is i DID NOT say good bye to all .... When i board the 969 , i decided to call Jia Wei out to eat but so sad cause he reply mi that he ate le but he return mi another sms of accompany mi ...(so sweet of him????LoL he bian le ba hahaha)
I reach yishun at abt 645pm then at first i decided to eat at 925 but in the end it was pack . Then he call OZL to join in. We went to northpoint to walk walk and then eat at food court as also went to time zone . It was my first time to wear ITE polo t go in sia .............
Anyway i felt much beta le hahaha dunnoe tomolo wat will happen to mi lol as i think tomolo i might so more harmful thing to myself ba as i feeling DAMD Sad this few Days...........................

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aBt ThIs mOrNiNg
Today was quite a sad day for me because some of my fren decided not to go to school lol....
This morning i wake up at 8+ cause today my house outside got ppl do repairing thing then veri nosiy so i am force to wake. I took the bus n met ade and thomas then we head to sch.
It was so different from normal as a lot ppl change le as today i and thomas was the first to reach . It was so different cause Mi early to meet them so funny rite as i m use to be a late comer then follow by jessica ...So funny rite cause all those suppose to be late 1 came the eariles 1 lol so different . Then ltr angeline came then she just shoot out a word dun got OFA which i felt so unhappy abt tt cause if not going ofa then might as well as mi dun come school so earily.
So i told them i go school by myself lol as in the bus i felt sad cause they veri the wat 1 lol everytime last minute dun wan go school wan la i hate that lol....
When i reach school , i just head to locker then i c lilia and shu xian then we go in to class together lol then after i on my computer then i show lilia the slide show to let her see then suddenly miss dion lee walk pass c the photo told mi she wan tt picture lol haha.BTW her dressing to day SO COOL ma hahaa as i think she really care abt image 1 haha Same as mi.
Then after that i on music then suddenly i felt so moody when i heard kiss goodbye and gai wo ni de ai cause both are love song ma.

Hai i wonder when i can get a Change in my life lol cause i really wan a change in my life badly :'(
Sign off 11.40AM
Write in class thing
Josh Oh Kai Ming

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
June 07 <2006>
Today was a normal day for mi as i meet up jin sheng to go school at 645 . As usual , i also wake up late 1 so eventually he also came down late..we waiting for the usual bus 704am de bus then we board the bus(lucky got space not a lot ppl).When i board the bus, i saw yvonne my primary school fren as she also same school as mi simei ite but she at nitec la but in beauty therphy lol.
It was great to c her cause we will chat till we reach school unlike with jin sheng who refuse to take to mi haha(as he wan listen to his MP3) hehe.
When we reach Tampines interchange, i found out we were so early . As normal i pang sei Jin sheng n yvonne to meet my classmate. At first i saw thomas n elieen onli so i decided to go withdrew money from my UOB bank then go meet them. When i go back , i saw serene , jessica , angeline and ash too . I was quite glad tt finally they cant early lol . When i go meet them , they were like i stare u , u stare mi lol so i go buy $2 SM meal with a green tea.When i was eating elieen was eating her bread too as we are in a cold war so i was not like my usual self.
I finish my food then i decided to ask all to go IF NOT NO ONE WILL LEAVE as usual...
We line up for bus 31 n took the bus and to school. As usual in bus we had a lot of chatting n that thomas was gaying around with ASH then dunnoe y i kana as we had fun at tt time as AGAIN a topic of not going AFD started ...
That time i say tt i not gona skip class so when we reach school , mi , serene , ash and jessica we head to business blk lift to go to class. When we reach class, Miss Ng face was quite black as wat i think la as we were late ba ............
Then suddenly i was shock to see thomas , elieen and angeline to come to class as they say wan skip class ma ..NVM...
One thing i discover abt today is tt angeline she like different person as i was my feeling tell mi 1 ... Anyway after over AFD we had a 1 hour OFA so swang lol as we got a earily Break ..12pm break alway got a lot ppl 1 lol but anyway mi serene and jessica we when to cafe heaven to have our lunch . It was not filling 4 mi as i eat a lot 1 ma hahaha . We slack there till DS start then w go library go watch1 movie as i hardly remember wat the show title is but 1 part i will nv forget is the part when the guy in mental hospital say "whu love to masterbate" it was so funny lol cause all of then noe wat is it.
After that i get bore then we chat la as gary was sitting beside mi lol and lilia n ash was behind mi .In the middle indeed something did happen as i dun wish to say cause is onli QC can noe hahaha..Abt 1 hour ltr we get so bore tt we went out to chat ..Mi , gary , ash and choon cheng we walk out to have a chat .For abt 30 min , we head back to the room thinking that show would be finish but in the end it haven end till 2.10pm..As usual , mr cheo face look black like bao jin tian haha..At least i respect him le by going to class a earily as possible.
After his lesson , we at first decided to go play pool but i insist go watch movie lol but no 1 care so sad lol nvm lol haha. Anyway our school got 1 mr n miss ite 2006 i wish jessica could join lol cause i will surly vote 4 her de la haha as u noe hahahaa.......................
After checking out all thing , all decided to leave as gary n choon cheng took 31 go home , serene when off cause grandma birthday n tt jin bao n victor leave without a good bye lol .As left mi , thomas , angeline , lilia , elieen , johnson , jessica , ash and alvin . As normal we walk all the way up to take 31 . First come 38 with a lot of sit then they all veri "san bian"(in chinese) lol dunnoe wan board the bus a not 1 lol . NVM lol then a 31 come mi walk up wan board the bus then dunnoe with ppl say wait 4 nx bus . By tt time alvin is in the bus lol so i say i wait 4 them at TM as i can Tan han them slacking there 4 long period of them le so i board the bus. In the bus mi n alvin have a "Man talk "(u believe haha) till we reach interchange . At that time i was thinking of going home le haha like veri pang sei lol. So i go walk walk with alvin lol.
I ask him follow mi go do some personal think then hor go the mac wait 4 them la then when i was abt to finish my fish burger, tt thomas came scold mi i was like WTH . He say call ur handphone nv pick up de ar(hai must understand my handphone ring tone soooo soft hw to hear) . Then all start to eat also then thomas told mi 1 thing "u wan go , go lol i taking 168 ltr".
In my mind was WTH ur slack at the bus stop there in the end the ans is ALL GO HOME..Wat the point to slack then. After tt , johnson n mi take bus back home lol as we chat abt any AI MEI in class ba hahaha ( must skip this part too personal LOL) Then when we reach yishun was abt 5.30pm le ba i think as i was so tired so i when home rest a while then hor go bath then help my mum with cutting the food ba hahahaha . then at abt 7pm i was like siao cause i go slp lol say wan 8pm wake up wat Singapore idol but in the end over slpt lol SIAN. I slpt till 9 then wake up lol then hor i thought got wat group MSN chat but in the end nv hai so sad haha ..
Any way i just wanna say a word to all my FRIENDS

spoke at : 9:20 PM

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
aBt ThIs mOrNiNg
Just before school start today , we as usual meet up to go have over lunch today. As usual confirm there will be some people late 1......
First we met at BK at the TM there when i reach i saw elieen and lilia then after that i saw thomas came in home clothes then after a long chat Ash and the Vic Came then after is jin bao who came there in cab and then lastly is that Angeline. Then we slack there a while then we go to Centry there eat . The Food there i think is veri bad lol cause i gone there twice but the food all taste bad to mi as it not my type 1.We ate and also play then till spark came in . As mi and eliee n mi we play as usual then sudden she get angry as i acdentially touch her earShe get FIRE up then just throw that cup of ICE and splash it on the table. It actualy wet some part of my pant but i control myself not lashing out my angriness so i decided to Zi Bi myself. At that time i felt veri hot donnoe y la may b angry i think as i felt that my sweat are all coming out lol. As at that time i was thinking over n over again abt wat happen to mi as i think i felt even more angry lol so i decided to sleep till they leave to go for school.At that time i was think a lot of thing as i decided to become a qutie person lol as i think the more i talk more problem ma.
When we leaving centry we found out that it was raining so some of them decided to walk one BIG ROUND to go to the bus interchange. The minute i heard tt i felt uneasy so i decided to cross the road under then rain . The minute i cross the road , all of them cross as wat i expected.
As we reach tt interchange , we saw jessica at the bus stop waiting for serene as she alway late de hahahaha.........jessica was eating a fish burger and we were lining up expect alvin n her. At first all of them say wait 4 serene with her but dunnoe y when bus came, all board the bus expect mi , alvin n jessica . At the time i think that i m escaping something or wat lol. Not becasue jess is there i go there but becasue of tt quarrel ba tt y i dun feel like boarding the bus .
At least i felt beta not boarding the bus as i think i felt must happier hehe..
We waiting for serene till she come. Before she came she already ask mi help her buy a mcchicken lol then johnson also ask mi buy for him as i did may b i too angry till i nv think so much ba....When serene came, we board the bus and we head to sch as they of ppl sms alvin tt they meeting us in sch .On the way to sch we betting on will they meet us.
When we reach school , we head to class as we see no sight of them until we reach 3 level seeing them siting on chAir.As we jux say hi and head to classs.
NW i m in class n i spent my time writng the blog here haha need leave le..............

spoke at : 12:53 PM

Saturday, June 03, 2006
I jux came back from my work n nw wan go out soon le . Then i decided to go in msn a while n found out wat happen to jess and the rest all . I heard for jin bao wat happen make mi felt a bit sad lar..
I think i nid to do some act fast and also i gtg lei. Now too rush for mi write a long blog.ZZZZZZ

spoke at : 4:41 PM

Friday, June 02, 2006
June 02 <2006>
Today was a moody day for mi as i easily loose temper lol....

Beginner of the day , i meet up with jin sheng to go sch together then ltr pang sei him lol to meet up angeline, ash , serene and jessica at the small small mcdonald. Then suddenly tt choon chong sms saying tt mr cheo is pissing off so we go take bus go sch ASAP before he EXPLODE lol as i think tt our class have been going over his head le for keep giving poor attendance .Worst to worst is tt we r not even in sch 4 1 month we r giving him a shit class hahahaha...POOR MR CHEO :"( <>
After tt BFD, we had OFA and that when bad thing happen . My face started feeling warmer as i having a lol a thing going through my mind . As ash noe tt when in OFA lesson , i dun like ppl disturb mi 1 cause confirm tt person will kana scold from mi for disturbing mi lol . My face get hotter when doing tt assignment lol cause it making mi annoyed lol cause a lot of work to be done. So i felt so bore that i dun feel like doing then i go msn chat chat with a few ppl and most important i been singing song to claim myself lol .
Today i also have change my locker to 185 as my old locker number 183 is tooo low mi so i ask miss dion lee . LUCKY she approve tt and also i have complain to her abt the school CCA having a POOR organisation EVEN STUDENT COUNCIL!!!!!!!! Shocking Rite????
Anyway i felt must beta abt telling her lol . After her lesson is our last lesson of the day tt AFD.
I suddenly at tt time felt so moody and angry dunnoe y la ...
It took place when thomas ask mi keep moving to 1 side lol i also dunnoe y lol ...
Anyway i walk to 1 side to do my work lol then suddenly tt miss belinda ng walk pass c my handphone say "y so 'BIG' carry such a 'SMALL' phone " then i jk with her that last time i small hahaha ask tt a jkjk part.
After slacking at Cafe 2 , we decided to go tm then suddenly out of a blue blue moon , they say go jess house then we go play game lol .. hahaha
Anyway after tt abt 6+ pm , i decided to videos thomas n jessica slping hahah it wan fun . Not long after tt we went off her house then lilia go her x house then mi jess and thomas go meet tt serene at eunos and head to town.
We go to suntec walk walk then makan lol then hor they all torture mi 1 make mi buy drink 4 all 3 of them n expect mi to call 4 CUPS OF ICE N 4 CANS OF DRINK ALONE sia. Lucky i smart lol put 1 cans in my pocket haha at least carry all to our dinner table there haha...
After tt those two gal head for shopping then at FOX i happen to mat Zhen yin sia with her mr X lol . After that we head City hall MRT station as they meeting Jin Bao as i go home a lone as i nid to work tomorrow.

Anyway i think tt i felt beta going out as i does not felt any moodiness in my anymore haha ...

spoke at : 11:15 PM

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