Thursday, November 30, 2006
Recently i have celebrated with a few of my fren birthday lol....This is 1 of the video

This is wan cheng birthday that time haha.......

We went to celebrate by catching prawn at CCK

HAha end of story ...............Next

Happy Birthday to jessica haha cause she is 18 le....THen next is yun ru haha tomolo birthday le wahaha......i m broke so no present wahaha then hor i wan to say is.............


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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Ok let mi start with last week thing haha....last sunday which is i forget when i n saifu and mabel up play at the crew room as i m going home mabel on break then that saifu EAT SNAKE haha.... So dunnoe y u ki siao so take stupid picture lol haha..........

Saifu smelling my leg wahahahaha

Mabel and Saifu

Oo who that with saifu ????
Next want talk abt last monday i lilia charlottle pricilla ash and mi all 5 of us when down to lijing there help her out with her barburcue thing lol....End up i skip my IAC and TPS naughty rite then i reach there le LILIA they all STILL ont their way to jourong lol *SLOW* As we noe lilia veri slow de cause ah ma ready ma haha then reach le go Gaint buy thingssss then go her aunty house carry all item then head to ECP abt 4+++ then reach there haven rain cause stop le then not long ltr Rain came .....Then all 5 of us except li jing we went to the restroom there hide haha then took a lot pic......

Hmmm wat ur thing of this pic??

*Yeah*Group photo but no li jing

Omg charlotte and lilia hugging each other

Arrrr i wan eat ur!!!!

Then after photo talking we waited like dumd dumd for rain to stop then when rain finally stop li jing ash n lilia 3 go take ice n chicken wing at toa payoh....Then we there wait for charcoal cause all lazy to walk n buy so we call jess n ade to buy .....We nv thought that they still far from ECP so we waited for an hour like dumd dumd just for charcoal .....then abt 8 then we started FIRE!!!!! Finally we can eat so we = mi jess ade charlot lilia and ash we sat on a table n waited for our food BUT we cant get any food cause a lot of her FREN n Relative were eating all the food once it ready lol... her fren all like nv eat food before 1 lol take so many make us hungry like hell!!!! but lucky i smart cause i rememeber we got bring snack so we eat snack n also i drank 4 canssssss of beer lol then when we started smoking , MRs Dion Lee Appear Damd she saw le DIE lol sian diao...... Damd it.....
After not long we go help her sing birthday song n cut birthday cake n i abit gong gong le cause of beer then i talk them loud la wan sia bo her so i put 3 candle deep in cake n ask her to BITE out the candle lol..The bite first 2 SAVE but 3rd 1 XXXXXXXX no nid mi say ur will get it then after that sa bo time lol.....Sa bo n sa bo n sa bo until i kana whole cake on my FACE damd lol SO Oily EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee....then i go wask face n we talk a while before all go home.......
Next abt Zouk haha....I finally go clubbing le haha FIRST time so happi lol song leh.....At the i took pic with Serene cause only mi n her outside ma cause the rest go in and also because her "LENT" her ic to jess n bah bah bah bah....

Then i reach home happen to take this pic haha so Werid

Next topic it ABOUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................

This morning i work at mac at 6am sian at kitchen lol....Down crew and so n so i work work work at abt 2 then go home but i waited for ivy till 3 we left then i chiong back home to bath n style hair then go meet serene.... Reach there abt 4.30pm.....Damd i m later then serene hw can this then go interview at vivo lol then after that walk off cause dun wan be a lamppost haha...After that go Clara Birthday party

Clara have invited mi to her birthday party today as i noe her for nearly 12 years ba but in that 12 years only 6 years i get to know her Well as in we do chat and so on...
Today i brought her a Birthday gift at Vivo City lol....I wake to a lol of place but end up go Same place get the candy haha cause there i realli cant find any other good item for her le....
But at least i do make an effort to decorate the candy lol.... look below you will noe

Nice rite haha... i onli do that n effort to decorate a present when i think it worth mi doing as in she do treat mi as a fren n she not realli the sort of ppl who do thing behind ppl back la ... as far as i noe she a good fren i have la ...Anyway cannot praise her too much ltr she.....

Today at her house there were a lot ppl lol....From x northview or cureent north view Got mi Zhenling gouxiong benjamin huda sheryl leonard soohui jason jeremy nic xinni yeeling sweekai keenee elieen szeake erwin Donald(of course he must be there) and i forget la still got whu lol.... we there take eat n i solo at first le then ltr after cutting cake Sa bo part comes AGAIN!!! i kana the cake cream on my WHOLE FACE + my HAIR + my Shirt lol Damd it ....Thank to donald for all those cream game ....all because he start we all kana then i xin ni elieen yee ling kee nee and his fren we lock ourselve in the toliet as we clean up ourselves le then Y we lock ourselve in toliet cause i saw the cream game haven stop..... The off the light n so on la to force us out but we stay clam then when we open door nutting happen then go out le donald suddenly pop out with a plate of cream lucky nv kana so i xinni elieen yee ling dion n this fren we hide in another room n this time we are save haha...Thank to mi for having sharp eye haha.....then after it end we go out wash up n ..........then aftet that i zl erwin sheryl jeremy jason Gx we sat on table n chat lol then dion brought the parrot down n i play with it n Zl was scared of Bird wahahaha then that jeremy keep using his phone to di siao the bird lol... then ltr i put the bird on the table n it SHIT on it .... heng siao lucky nv shit on mi haha..then went home at 10pm.....

Ok tomolo got sch dun wan blog le.....

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Friday, November 24, 2006
haha let mi blog wat happen to mi for pass 3 daysZZZZzzzzzzzzz
On the wednesdays night as i have written in the past blog i went clubbing..Omg first time lol shiok sia....We= mi jessica(underage lol but still heng heng get in) Serene elieen serene's friends gary gary's friend james and adeline who when in at 11.45pm....15 min more to her birthday sia so lucky there we drink 7 up matini and ribena vodlka + i got 2 drink coupon so gary help mi change a black black drink call coke dunnoe wat le... the at there we dance dance dance!!!! + smoke also fun there but not high enough lol......then we when home at 3am....and i jess n adeline we all when to sch but all of us skip Sw n BCm haha...Beta than nutting rite...
Then on that day , after my tax i went to meet yun ru cause wan return cd then after that follow her go play basketball with dan john and 1 guy call liang tea(ask wat i heard they call him) i was like no energy lol cause damd tired ma ask clubbing lol......then we play till abt 530+ then stop lol TIRED!!!Abt 9 i reach home....Wa tired...
Then for today i when for all lesson so kuai rite haha then after lesson i go bowling with vic choon cheong and gary...We play 4 game...
First game........ 1st---Victor( Cheat 1 lol) 2nd---Gary 3rd---Mi!!!:) 4th---Choon cheong
Second game....... 1st---Gary 2nd---Mi:) improve 3rd---Victor 4th---Chong Cheong
Third game...... 1st---Choong cheong lol pro lol... 2nd---mi!!! 3rd---Gary 4th---Victor
Fourth game...... 1st---Gary(OMg) 2nd---Victor 3rd---Cheong choon 4th---Mi ( i lost):'(
then at there i saw reafeh and bo xian ....Surprising lol haha then after the game we when home.........
So in conclusion , i been exercising a lot sia .... If i continus like this may be 1 day i will Slim Down + u will c my pocket hole getting bigger n bigger lol......Go zouk spent almost $50 basketball must spent on water haha then blowing spent abt 20 i think lol.......
ok la finish my long long blog le hehe...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Wahahaha today i going to ZOUK!!!!!!!!!
OMG first time i go clubbing lol omg omg omg....... Finally man haha..gonna go with
gary serene jessica elieen and adline haha.... hope we all have fun there haha
gona take pic from there le all c haha.....
Today i have BCM presentation n i m not prepare lol DIE!!! i go in without doing any script lol only note in point scared lol....When i present i keep on "Fa Dou" LOL so scared man anyway it over le haha no nid scared le la hope teacher can give mi good grade man:)....
Nw going to prepare for gong ZOUK le hahaahaa.....

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
All this picture are mi with my group on the 3 , 4 , 5 nov camp
Will upload more picture soon haha..

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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Yestersday was Rosanne Birthday to we = Dan dave Yun ru john n yao xing

All 6 of us help her celebrate her birthday

It goes with this.....

I finish working at 11 am to i head back home abt 1215pm n i went to bath n then go mapling le ...until 1pm i started to go style my hair look like......

I left my house at about 1.30pm lol..on my heart i know that damd i m late....First time go out with them n i m late...Gosh that bad habit of mi... When i reach there , i call yun ru n she told mi they were at BK . Wee lucky man cause first time go out give bad impression....Before their arrive , i told 1 self pic haahaa...It normal to c mi like that :)

When they reach , i saw a bunch of flower n a Winnie the poon bear lol...Haha so mi n dan told a photo with ROSANNE birthday gift haha..

When rosanne arrive , yun ru run toward her in front of so many ppl n gave her flower n rosanne told us she was very touch by that then dan block mi as i m hiding the poon bear haha....When she walk to dan she have not realise the bear until she look behind n saw it....Then we insist her to take her own present cause yun ru have bought the bear WITHOUT a bag haha...then after that we walk toward marina square then on the way we were thinking or Watching movie or KBOX.....for mi is definitely KBOX so we when to kbox cause most of use wan to sing instead of watch haha...
I have took some snap shot in kbox.....

Yun ru n Rosanne

John becoming the next campus superstar???

Hmm Dave like a experience Singer haha

Dan n the john

Rosanna and Yun ru

We took a photo in a creepy path.....So sad yun ru not inside

After KBOx that abt 6 we head to meet yao xing n from then we head to esplan....Dave n john left us to buy some cake for rosanne cause we wanna give her a surprise.
At there we took photo .....As usual cause we are Singaporean haha

Yun Ru and mi(using her camara look beta lol haha)

Mi and Yun Ru (using my 3250 to take hmm Ok la)

After the photo taking there , we talk n at that time rosanne keep nagging at dave n john for MIA... As we noe they were buying cake for her...... Then so happening Rosanne spotted them for the top we was like WTH it should be a surprise man....then when they reach her we started lighting up the candle n for her to blow off then we sa bo her lol....i think the sa bo is very easy la...Yun ru u too friendly le haha wait till your birthday u DIE haha....At there yao xing help us take group photo by this camara...So sad the photo i nv up load in cause i DUN HAVE yet ......Then after that we left there..on our way Down i Say OMG CANDY!!!!! n her BF i think.....Go hanky panky sia haha...Then we head down to beside eaplan there n makan....
Before order any food , we order drink first n we took some phot haha....

Yao xing with is nerd face + his coconut

Rosanne with her Lemon Pose??

Yun ru with her candid pose

At there we order~~~~

Chicken Wing!!!!!! $18

Sotong!!!! $12?

La La !!! $12?

Wu Xiang $9.50

Hmm yammy rite haha for all 6 of us to eat de haha!!!! nice food !!!! i mean chicken wing nice haha...Then after that we head for 7-11 to buy beer n we when to MS balcony where is facing esplan there n drink beer... At there we talk abt ghost story and also a lot of COLD Joke 11.45pm we head home cause last bus n last train is ending le haha..... hope all enjoy my blog today :)

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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Hmm seem like current got ppl reading my blog i shall blog .... Saturday morning i when for BL program then after that when home cause 2am i nid go work......
Then some more at work there i work for almost 10 hours sia... so tired lol so today abt 12 i when home by cab n then slp at abt 4 .... abt 7 pm my mum wake mi up lol sian then i wake up le go out eat n also when to my work place get my working report then after that when home blog.....

This few days i been "sun tanning" lol nw abit darker le hahaha

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Friday, November 10, 2006

This are the picture of the place where we slpt during the camp!!!

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Hai ~~ Nowadays in i find that DRIFT this word keep happen...... I do not noe la may be i just too sensitive bah... But realli i hope that time could realli allow mi to turn back as we all do have happiness in the pass...
Current wishing my new friendship will not ended up like ******************.....
Alothough nwadays i dun felt any more depress but still felt left out bah...Cause fren nw tend to not go to sch and some are busi working le...

Hope i get a chance in BL committee..*God Bless Me*
Tomolo having BL stuff weeeee cant walk to go man.,..

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Erm to think Look normal la.....
As usual i when to school at 9........
When i was abt to reach the bus stop i realise i forget to bring my EZ link card.....
Die nid go back take ....
So i walk back home n i call my mum to throw the
EZ link card down for mi haha i so smart :)
The i from there head to sch lol....
Then in the bus i read the death note comic
and i manage to finish (saw i was just glancing) as the making more more bore lol....
Then reach TP interchange so first thing is call jess she told mi she in sch so i head to sch by myself................
Then took 31 LUcky got rui ying zakiah farhana alvin victor and angeline
to acc mi if not i bore to death le la!!!!!
Reach sch they told mi GOT EXAM LOL
and realise is listening chey sup sup la...When i reach class JUST nice ...
Then got the paper i was like THE like fill in the blank lol WTF .....
I everytime Fail spelling lei....Lucky got lilia haha i copy most of her answer haha...
Then after the dion telling class abt a lot of crab to our class lol
so we listen lol cause the kannah siding her ma.....
Then after finish our HELL lesson we head for another hell lesson...
Use com do a/c !!!!!!!! DAmd la i realli can do so plz dun force mi plz!!!!!!
Lucky i insist on not going of the competion hahaha
then after that i head back home to slp .....

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mi and Po Xian

Po Xian Mi hong hui and jia yu

Mi Jia Yu and Connie

Da Xin CM and Mi

My face and yun ru face kana SQUEEZE by hafiz

So sad lol i took photo for them tt y i not in side sad man!!!!

Wow wat a nice photo hahaha

We anyhw take pic at the HSBC tree top walk

Hehe finally we get to take a group photo

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