Friday, July 28, 2006
Mi n Lilia Before going to class chalet !!!
We at TM take photo ...Mi pretend to be ghost haha ltr go changi c more till i ...

Hai onli go 2 photo from my class chalet ...At changi hahaaha....

This is mi insist Charlotte to take de hahaha acting siao there

This is the pic taken AT ROOM 2 Chalet L ...We all love to gambler 1 haha then that adeline everytime scold chee bye la there lol haha she just beside ash ....

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Erm Let mi talk abt my ite friends ba

True Friends- 3~5 i think ba
Netural Friends- 14~16
May be True Friends- 3 like that
Hated Friends- 1~4 BAH
Going to Be Good Friends- 10~12
Damd Caring Friends around mi - 2
Friends Who Changes after holiday- 5 and above?

This tt all i can think of

Today was a confusing day for mi cause first thing i reach Tampines interchange i think of should i meet them a not!!!!!!
Y i think that cause of certin reason lol ....
Then go sch lol as i m a loner so board bus a lone 1........
In the bus i was thinking back all thing have happen abt mi n also i was reflecting abt my past few days attitude lol as i find that the jk style of mi is not mi is just the masked kai ming... DAMD!!!! Should i unmask myself???? If i unmask myself , sure ppl dun like mi that attitude 1 lol.. Very selfish kind and hack act kind and also cant be care of anything lol....Also my attitude will b worse lol ..Cant be acceptable 1 ...Hai~
The moment i get angry i will walk away sliently 1 lol..That not mi !!! May be just to save the friendship between friend bah...
Anyway i just wanna say that WHY ppl can make joke on mi n i can take it BUT joke back on them they not happy n saying a person has it LIMIT !!! Like i dun have lol....I M A HUMAN I HAVE FEELING 1 AND ALSO HAVE MY LIMIT DE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006
F = Fester?
R = Revenge?
I = Isolation?
E = Eavesdrop?
N = Nasty?
D = Desolation?

Are ALL friends like those?????

I wonder !!!! May be some thing we all got to think back on wat have happen in our life and ourselves cause is a good way to learn our own mistake.....

did not blog for past few days cause busy n wanted to Blog yesterday but hor kana DC !!!! i blog for 1 hour then dc lol fark u man...
Haha felt happier after making my skin so happi nw .....

Any1 wan to earn money play sign up this hehe thanxxx

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Chee BYE i dun wan BLOG le la FUCK YOU BLOG.....Make mi Blog for a few hour then lost connection LOL WASTE MY TIME

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Monday, July 17, 2006
Hai so sorry to ppl hu have been reading my blog...I m sorry ....I m realli busi to update la cause work ma ... then nw need to perpare 4 chalet thing lol ...Anyway today i just received the photo on my cousin 21 st Birthday .....So long then get lol hahaha.......

This is the Birthday Gal haha .....21st birthday hehe sudden shot lol n i sweat like hell man....At changi Chalet......

This is her Birthday Cake...Cute sia ...But i dun like to eat tt cause Veri creamy man haha.....

Hey hey this are just some of my cousinssss

n one of my Aunt n the cute doggy nicky...

Wow all of us here taking a photo with my cousin andrew

Hai kana Force to carry her hehe...Ok la quite light for mi to handle hehe....

If she look familar to u , i can say that u r rich!!!! Cause she work in SIA ...Get the clue???

Hey this is my SExy cousin?????

spoke at : 11:10 PM

Saturday, July 08, 2006
Yesterday i went to work at 9am ...I was late man so sorry serene hahaha anyway she treated mi veri good sia cause she say take u time is ok for being late hehe.......
Cindy took a urgent leave so left her solo till 2pm lol then see wan came in ....At 1230 pm , a lot of student came in n we were damd busy till abt 2pm the crop clear le then i go for my break ....
After my break , i go in b as PC i was so happy hahaha i love b that man hahaha cause can slack...
After abt 415pm like that i went home n sudden lilia call up mi told mi abt the tag board problem ...I was so shock that the person say he was mi n also i told her i go home the c lol ...After that then i go meet yau min to get partyworld voucher cause actully wan ask my mac fren go sing song de but in the end , hai all respond like shiit making mi veri angry then i call off lol....That really make i sad lol i personally sms then n poor respon till i sent one more sms is " hey all your handphone spoilt ar cannot reply mi 1 more " .....
Then i reach home i on my com to read angeline tag board which realli make mi sad was her reply man...So disappointed with her lol if u still angry abt wat i did in the past hurt i m fine with it de...Onli once i did that psk thing u wan bring up again lol nvm de.....And plz read wat the person write in the pervious tag lol ..All those thing u assume i noe??? I can TEll u I DUN NOT ABT ALL THOSE U KANA BAN THING LOL n PLz read before u tag out .........
Hai after read those tag i felt so sad then i go bath then go out meet jia wei go have dinner at KFC lol then after that go mac have ice cream as i eat he watch then his fren call him to join her with mi so i agree lol then we had a bit fun la anyway know new fren la haha as i veri open 1 hehe.......
We accompany her fren go home then we go home lol n on our way home i told him my story abt fren thing lol cause realli keep all in realli felt veri sad le ........until 10+ i reach home to do blogging.....
Then at abt 12 mid night , i received Darren SMS mi for wishing mi a happy birthday lol !!!!
I reply him ask wrong night la is tomolo hahaha

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Friday Life Man hahaha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hai it saturday morning , i was not working lol actually i intend to help jackie take over his shift 1 de but because he nv reply my sms make mi veri angry lol so dun wan help him la ....
I woke up at 1130 today so late sia actually intend to go find sally de veri lazy so stay at home lol slack slack for almost whole day..At abt 4+i slp again lol till 630 then wake up n then watch tv then ltr go out eat hahaha my parent help mi celebrate my birthday sia haha so happi lol haha go eat at Thai gou xiao chi eat go shiok sia cause long time nv go there eat le then hor when back home lol then i go maple sia a while lol the lazy play le then go bloging lol hahaha...
Then not long i received a SMS fren my Ga Piiiii ( Yvonne) wishing mi a early birthday hehe ....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~END of Saturday Prob~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nw i wish to speak out my heart le...........
On 19 July 2006 i wish that all us that is
Jin bao
Can go for the CLASS outing and have a Group talk cause i find that a lot back thing is going on lol so i wish that on that day we could sort out la cause if we continue like this , more trouble will appear de.......
Althought after sorting out thing , we will not like wat we use to be BUT that time of friendship i realli enjoy with your...
Currently i m VERI sad n i am wanting to forget something that happen a few month back....After realli open my eye i see a lot of hurt in it n i m damd sad....Nw onli wish to forget that thing to have a new start...Cant realli bear to forget man but i have to ........................... :'(.........
Wow 5 more mintue to my Birthday Day
So let mi sing a bithday song to mi
Happy Birthday to mi
Happy Birthday to mi
Happy Birthday Happy Bithday
Happy Birthday to mi

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Friday, July 07, 2006
Hai yesterday was a sad day for mi man...
I been working from morning till late afternoon then i RUSH down to town to meet up to zhi xiang thomas elieen jessica alvin...
Actually we intended to watch movie but the moment i reach there , they decided to go Marina .....
I was like Dotssssss make mi rush down n go other place lol...
In my mind i was thinking wtf on the phone using a harsh tone to mi for been so late then reach le tell mi not watching....
Anyway life still goes on ~~~~
We took bus 16 go marina there cause zhi xiang wan take his pay slip then after that we went makan ..............After makan they when for smoking break then go zhi xiang work place buy ice cream...So nice sia .....
After that we go to rocky master there cause thomas finding his fren then he gave thomas a FREE drink then after that we slowly walk to City Hall MRT station then there we slack ...
Then elieen n zhi xiang left us cause zhi xiang got to be home by 10 n elieen nid go home makan again cause her mum got cook....
There left us 4 so we down there u c mi i c u lol till abt 5 min later i when to restroom lol.......
After mi finish peeing , thomas call mi saying his mum asking him to go home early and same goes to jessica LOL..... That time i was like Huh ok lol ...After think again , i was feeling upsad abt it cause has ur got to lie to mi abt this kind of thing??????? Want PS mi just tell mi lol no nid to lie to mi lo as ur lie have been so call a unperpare lie lol.....
You have told mi in the beginning that u been going home late n today would be the same but ended up telling mi u got to leave...Wat is this a joke or wat ...Even if ur mum ask u to go home straight away , cannot wait for mi meh ?????We are going on the same track ma!!!! isnt it???? And somemore realli so "Qiao" meh u n her mum call ?????? u think i 3 years old kid ar????
I dun wish to mention one more ppl name out lol cause if she see confirm cause trouble 1 lol.....
Somemore MRT station so BIG ARRR i walk down cant c ur meh ??? My eye not put stamp de lol some more i have brain to think 1 lol ...If ur think this work on mi , U R WRONG!!!
After that , i went off lol ...On my way home , i been thinking a lot of thing lol n the more i think , the more i sad i m lol!!!ABT 9+ i reach i started look to blog then half way lilia called up to mi n scold mi up side down ask my big mouth lol ....Wat to do thing say cannot b taken back ...Anyway i m also wrong ma so i did not defence my rite la hai~After hearing her scolding mi , my tear row down from my eye ....In my mind i was thinking " Y !!!! I dun wish my past to occurr Again le Y !!!!!" So i ask charlotte to have a chat with mi for abt an hour plus ba......then after that i receive lilia sms for being so harsh to mi just nw lol...After talking to charlotte then i call lilia n we had CLEAR up all the misunderstanding n so on la a lot ma....Then also we talk a bit more then slp le cause i got to work the nx day....

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Wow time pass realli Fast man !!!!!A few more day is my BIRHDAY le hehe so happi wo cause gonna be 18 years old le !!!!!

Wow this week is my first week of holiday so i spent most of my time started working le ...
Monday till nw which is wednesday , i haven had a long hours of slping as in i onli get to slp abt 5 ~ 6 Hours max nia lol so tired man hai wat to do no money ma haha....
TOmOrrOw still have to work lol any way mi on Monday when to work on 7 am n i was not late so surprising lol cause i alway late 1 hehe cause my parent around to force mi wake up ma hai~
Then on day 2 i was late for 15 minutes like that lol then hor i even work in the night for delivery lol till 12+ n believe it of not on tuesday i work nearly half of my day lol ...So shoik sia cause more income haha...
Hai hope i can get a beta job man sian lol work there hai hai hai

Wishing to get a new shoes man for working use ......

Signing off

spoke at : 5:42 PM

Sunday, July 02, 2006
Hai on friday 30 JUNE 2006 iafter my AFD lesson , mi n ayu when home together lol haha casue she going to her BF house la haha so we take 969 n time pass realli fast as i n the more chatty 1.
After that i when back to my secondary school take my "O" Level cerf lol haha then saw mdm lee n mr tan ...
Mr tan came told he 1 thing : Wa nw in ITE good hor can hair long hair ...
I LOL lol haha hehe ...
After taking cerf i when to buy bread from there eat (hai miss lai sui lai la) ..Then after that chiong back home to bath then go out meet hung lol go ice skating hehehe......

ABT 3.30pm then we leave yishun cause wan cheng thought meet at 3.30pm lol so in the mean time mi n hung go kill time by go buy bet on world cup lol then go buy bubble tea ....We reach jurong at abt 4.00pm then we head to fuji there lol go skate so song sia...I so lucky cause i get to save $2.10 cause i have passion card hehe so i paid onli $8.40 haha then we go skate for 2 hours lol n i was there learing hw to skate well n skate fast haha... still gto the fear of fall man....
Then at there we saw tian yu sia so surprising man cause long time nv c him le hehe ...We use to be BEST fren de haha but nw hmmmm like no more le ..We nw like normal fren la......
WE skate till abt 6.20pm then we leave the place then go walk walk then after that when to k box lol go sing till 10pm....In there the person give us shirly temple which he half way come him say we suppose not to take that kinda drink....At that point of time we already drink ahalf of it le and they rather pour away the water than give us drink lol freak lol haha.........
Sian lol then after that we when to X zone play the para para game lol haha ...On that day spent quite a lot sia lol ...Gonna broke le ...........................

Then on the next day, i suppose to have archery training but guess wat, i tooo lazy to wake up n end up slping till11+ then i take my time to go work lol ....abt 12 then leave house to work n it was already late le ... i when to work for abt 2hours then i lea\ft back to home lol so lame man cause just go for large order then at home at abt 5+ jin bao called mi go out lol as i agree ....He told mi take we going bugis the snooker culture play pool as that where serene work de ...1 hours $10 veri exp wo hhahaha..........
jin bao told mi that we meeting at 7pm as i knew that they will be late de so i leave my house at 7pm like that ...
When i reach there , it was 7.30pm n they was still not there hai seem like late for 30 min not enough haha then after that we when to go sunshine building eat..At that point of time got mi jin bao , alvin , jessica and angeline...Then thomas was at custom on the way here ....
~~~~15 min later~~~~
Thomas reach there ......IT was shocking cause 15 min ago he was at woodland then 15 min later he reach bugis so we down there guess he told wat transport de ..
The ans was his father car lol....

After having our dinner , we when to play pool lol....
At there we play pool till abt 11+ n that time i dunnoe we play a lot of time sia cause i onli play 3 time lol haha cause may be too many ppl ba haha hehe hoho
Then after pool i n angeline went home the rest i not sure la dunnoe go where hang out lol ......
At abt 1230 , i reach yishun n to my Horror when walking out of the lift , I SAW A LOT OF BEES n some r dead .... it is not 1 or 2 is a few hundred crowding around the light n a lot die lol n it was making mi feeling freaking cause i hai no ideal hw to walk pass the houses to my houses lol cause the whole strecth of trail r full of dead n undead bees sooooo disgusing..................I rush back home n shut my door n getting ready to slp for my next day casue got wrok at 7 am lol.....

Hai on the next day i overslpt lol sian hai nvm la so i go work by taxi lol hai late el ma hai ltr cindy scold ......i work till 3pm then i when off ........................
Then abt 5+ then reach home ........then i watch tv till abt 6 then go bath lol soo hot sai then i when to my room n fall asleep lol then after that abt 730 my parent wake mi up to go eat then abt 9 then reach home la the i start blogging le

Hai gonna b busi for whole to nx week casue working ....Nid go slp le cause tomolo work at 7 am ...BYE BYE

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